Welcome to Hindustan Vidya Niketan

Hindusthan Vidya Niketan is a charitable institution where children are given entry from class first. The expenditure incurred on the children is provided by the institution. Because the aim of the institution is to provide proper education and to make a future, not to do business. Our objective is to provide free education to many such talented and rural children in the country who can not get proper education in the absence of poverty or sources.

Children are given practical education through small things, only 40 minutes of speech are not enough to make the future of the country. There will be more contemplation in this direction, there is a need to start with itself for change. A Divine Change in Education are a divine act, if the country is to be re-grown and it is to become Jagatguru, then changes in education are necessary.

Where the foundation is weak, then how can the building be strong? In keeping with this thinking, we must strengthen the foundation of India and its future.

Our Vision

Its aim is to uplift the people of India by providing better education. We believe that no young talent should go waste due to lack of resources. We believe that if we help one person get educated, their family and the future generations of their families will have the ability and desire to become educated. This is an essential and very long term investment for the future of our country.

Our Mission

Students with superior abilities contribute towards the growth and prosperity of the society with their excellent achievements in science, technology and humanities. It is the mission of Hindustan Vidhya Niketan to ensure that no such talent goes waste, and to provide these bright sparks with enabling facilities in the form of financial assistance, monitoring, guidance and encouragement.


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    Shri Rameshwar kourav social welfare society
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